General Information

About Breezy Pointe

114Breezy Pointe is located in the Mississippi River bluffs near McGregor, IA. Breezy Pointe has numerous home sites with breath taking views, available for purchase. In addition, Breezy Pointe has homes for sale and home rental opportunities. Our beautiful built homes are supplied by Schult Redwood Falls.



Covenants in Place

a_100_0879In order to protect the financial investment of our residents and to provide the most comfortable living environment Breezy Pointe is a covenant controlled community.

Download Articles of Incorporation for the Breezy Pointe Homeowners Association & Declaration of Protective Covenants applicable to the Breezy Pointe Subdivision.

Download Bylaws of Breezy Pointe Home Owners Association


Our Community

image1465Breezy Pointe homes are served with public utilities and paved roads. We are surrounded by a natural paradise. State parks like Pikes Peak, National monuments like Effigy Mounds and acres of public hunting ground are treasured by those who live here. All of this without even mentioning the phenomenal fishing and boating resource found in the Mississippi River.




This development is in the bluffs above the scenic and tourist towns of McGregor, IA and Marquette, IA just minutes from tons of great dining, shopping and recreational opportunities.
The Casino Queen is located just east of Breezy Pointe on the Mississippi River in Marquette. The Casino Queen is one of the state’s most exciting gaming opportunities.



Breezy Pointe is located 4 miles from the Crossing Rivers Health Medical Center. Crossing Rivers Health, located on the southern edge of Prairie du Chien, WI, provides more than 60 services which fulfill the health care and wellness needs of the people across Southwest Wisconsin and Northeast Iowa. Services include in-patient services and out-patient services including emergency and urgent care, surgical services, imaging and many more. Crossing Rivers Health also operates two primary care clinics located in Prairie du Chien and Fennimore, WI. For a complete list of services and resources, visit

2015 Breezy Pointe Water Quality Report
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