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Need Financing? 5% down, 6% interest monthly, balloons in 5 Years

The table below was accurate at the time of posting. Please give us a call at 563-516-1111 to see if the lot you are interested in is still available.

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AddressLot #Size PricePhoto
315 Breezy Pointe920,060 sq. ft.$25,0009
305 Breezy Pointe1429,580 sq. ft.$30,700Home Site #14
323 Stony Loop1833,210 sq. ft.$36,90018
339 Stony Loop1915,795 sq. ft.$27,90019
337 Stony Loop2016,380 sq. ft.$25,90020
335 Stony Loop262.1 acres$34,90026
303 Horizon Ct.297.4 acres$79,00029
307 HighPointe 3812,000 sq. ft.$25,000
309 High Pointe3912,000 sq. ft.$25,000
319 High Pointe
4416,000 sq. ft.
361 High Pointe6542,820 sq. ft.$46,50065
328 Eagle Drive710.52 acres$34,50071
302 Horizon772.52 acres$43,750
331 Eagle Drive821.37 acres$37,90082
329 Eagle Drive8346,265 sq. ft.$37,90083
320 High Pointe11113,500 sq. ft.$29,900111
318 High Pointe11212,800 sq. ft.$27,900112
306 High Pointe11811,735 sq. ft.$26,900118
404 High Pointe
11914,200 sq. ft.$26,900119
134 & 13537,180 sq. ft.$32,900